Retire / shutdown the web vault to unify the other clients

I propose retiring the web vault and focusing development on desktop/mobile apps and browser extensions to achieve complete feature parity in these clients and speed up development in general.

I raise the point of feature parity because the web vault has features that are unavailable in other clients.

It appears that the thinking is “oh it doesn’t matter if action X can’t be done in non-web client Y because if they really want to do it they can use the web vault”.

The “web vault” really has no reason to exist, it has no practical purpose, it can’t auto-fill which is the main function of this service.

So the solution, retire the web vault!

We definitely hear the request to make most functions available from the applications, and that does make sense for a lot of cases. The web vault will stay around though :wink: - Organization configurations like SSO, sharing, permission management, bulk management, etc. are all best served through the Web Vault


Okay, agree to disagree then, I was hoping for an architecture like NordPass :frowning:

The web vault is also the only way to access your vault on any computer without installing anything. It can be useful in some cases.


Perhaps the solution is to use so you can target mobile/desktop/browser/extension with a single code base :slight_smile: