Reseller Program

I love this program and plan on marketing it to my MSP clients. Is there a reseller or affiliate program with BitWarden?

I’m glad you love Bitwarden (I do too!) but I would hate to see this. Reseller and affiliate programs drive up the end user costs so that part of the price can be given to the reseller/affiliate. I would rather the cost for everyone stays as low as possible and people will use Bitwarden because of the features/support/low cost.

I never thought of it that way. You bring up a good point. The way I do it now is I recommend BitWarden and let the customer choose if they want to use it or not. Then I make my money by offering to provision the service on their devices and with all their current passwords, and show them how to use it.

After what you mentioned, I think I’m just going to keep doing it that way. The prices are so low to begin with, and I think that’s why it’s a great thing for my clients. I see your point about these programs raising the prices.