Requesting enhancements for seamless autofill management

Users can edit, view, and copy items, including custom fields, seamlessly from any application or website while autofilling. This eliminates the need to navigate back to the Bitwarden app to access or modify custom fields.

Let’s gather support to encourage Bitwarden to implement this feature by voting for it!

Visual aids from 1Password are included for illustrative purposes.

Welcome to the community, @res

Would you please break this into four separate “feature requests”. Combining them all into one messes up the ability to vote for individual requests or to know what somebody’s vote means. It also complicates the ability to comment on any individual item.

For example, #1 already exists. To the right of the autofill item is an icon [=]. Clicking on this views the entire item and then there is an edit button on that. And, #2 exists in the web vault. So I would not vote for either of those and I might ask that those two “requests” be closed as “already implemented”.

Hi, @DenBeste.:

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I appreciate your suggestion to break down the feature requests into individual posts for clarity. Could you please guide me on how to delete the current post so I can submit separate requests? Your insight about the voting process is valuable, and I agree that it simplifies things for everyone involved.

Regarding your mention of the existing features, I must admit I couldn’t find #1 as described. If you could provide more details on how to access it, especially on iOS, I’d greatly appreciate it. As for #2 in the web vault, I seem to have missed that as well. Could you assist me in locating it?

I’ll make sure to organize and polish the remaining features before posting them separately. Your assistance in navigating these features is truly appreciated. Thank you once again for your time and helpful feedback.

One can edit a post with a pencil icon at the bottom and there is a trashcan under the adjacent three dot icon. But IIRC, these only become available after one has made/read a certain number of posts.

#1, The icon to which I referred is on the chrome plugin for windows, as shown on the second image on this page. Not much experience with mobile browsers, unfortunately.

#2, >> Settings tab, >> My Account section.>> Deauthorize Sessions (bottom of page in “Danger Zone”.

Thank you for the clarification. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for those editing and deletion options as my activity on the platform increases.

Regarding #1, I appreciate your understanding that the screenshots I provided were specifically focused on mobile devices, not extensions. Thus, it remains a feature suggestion for its implementation on mobile platforms where it currently does not exist. Your consideration of this distinction is greatly valued.

For #2, you’re correct, I did mention its existence in my previous post. I just added a note about wanting more details, like the ability to view custom sessions to see exactly which device is logged in, etc.

I’ll make sure to incorporate these nuances into my future posts. Your insights have been invaluable. Thanks again for your guidance!