Request: Passphrase Generator dynamic character counter

As stupid as it is, some websites still have very low “max character” values. Can we please add either a simple dynamic character counter so we can see how long the current generated passphrase is or for bonus points, add a Max Passphrase Length field. Hell, if we’re going for bonus points, set the special characters to be a number field too so I can say 2 special characters, since that’s another one they require occasionally.


This would be very helpful. I will hit the generator a lot of time just to get a max 20 passphrase. A lot of sites seems to maximise on 20 characters. Which is difficult with the number of large words in the list.

It does not matter how many words there are in the passphrase it matters how many characters there are in the passphrase

also initially requested here: Make the passphrase generator use shorter words