Request Bitwarden logo as Apple Watch complication instead of —


You can see in the images the complication is just lines. Super annoying. I’d rather have the Bitwarden logo as it is more descriptive which app it is.

Thanks, the team is working on a fix for this one.

I have just reset my Apple Watch in order to resolve my issue of Bitwarden not installing on the Watch. Just finished, and because the Infographic Watch Face is my GoTo Standard, I checked, and was delighted to find the BW Complication was available, so applied it. :white_check_mark:

@bw-admin Any updates on this?

@bw-admin I realize this isn’t a high-priority issue but it has been almost a year since “The team is working on a fix”.

There is a difference between low-priority and backlog. This seems like a simple fix, why is it taking so long?

According to this comment from May 2023 a BW “complication” is available. Maybe you can contact support for help getting it to show on your watch.

Please read the post again.

It is there. I just believe the logo should be showing and not the name.

Wow. What is this? Something that takes 2 seconds to update (longer for Apple to approve but that’s another story) and it’s been almost a year with nothing?

What is with this?