Report Abuse button for Bitwarden Send

Feature name

  • Report Abuse option for Bitwarden Send

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

    This feature will allow users to report malicious files/copyrighted content directly to Bitwarden or to the individiual/company/organization hosting the bitwarden instance.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

    Prevent people from misusing Bitwarden Send.
    Safeguarding other users.

Related topics + references

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Report Abuse option in Google Forms

Although good idea, how would this be verified/implemented?
Bitwarden does not know what is inside the send (from what I know). The purpose of this Send is to be secure and secret. I really don’t know if you can achieve that and still allow for reports.

Google does not delete “anything”, and can easily verify the claim.

Also, why not report users on the platform?
You could screen shot it, and report it.

If someone wants to send encrypted notes they can always use a different service even when bitwarden “bans” them. If the platform bans them, they do not have that option unless they re-register.