Replace the Launch button with a View button in entires under Vault Search to make UI more consistent


Visit and click on extension’s icon. The entry shows the Bitwarden logon. Next to the username there is a View button. Click to manage or edit Bitwarden credentials. Excellent.

While still on, click on extension icon and search Vault for Gmail. Next to the Gmail entry the View button is replaced by a Launch button. To view/edit the Gmail entry you have to click on the name of the email, while to launch the entry you have to click on the Launch button that replaced the View button. This UI is un-intuitive and inconsistent with the rest of UI. I’ve been using BitWarden since it was released, and only just now I realized it’s possible to edit entries of sites without visiting them first.

Ideally, the Launch button should be replaced by the same View button found on other tabs, while clicking on the email should launch Gmail.

Thank you.

Personally I don’t have a problem with this. The difference is according to whether the extension is showing you Tab or Vault.

In your first example it’s showing the sites that match the current tab. The default action is auto-fill (i.e. clicking on the name), and there is are icons for other actions, including view. As you’re already on the site it’s assumed you don’t want to launch it.

When you search it switches to displaying the vault. Clicking the vault button at the bottom without searching does the same. The default action now is to view, and there is a button to launch. The display is in a different mode.

My only suggestion would be that in vault mode the default action should perhaps be launch, with a button to view. This would actually increase consistency (always view via button), and just the default action changes. Could even be user-configurable (in the way that LastPass is).

@RickJ You can actually double click the item in vault mode to launch.

I’ve just tried that and it doesn’t work. I’m using the Chrome browser extension in Linux. It simply switches to Tab mode.

Rickj, your last paragraph is essentially what I’m suggesting. Clicking on the entry launches it in a new tab, while the View button is placed next to username/password button, consistent with the View in Tab mode.
This could also be more user-friendly for touch screen users if they don’t need to double-tap.

I think this feature request is encompassed by one that I created earlier:

Perhaps we should pool our votes and discussion there.