Replace "share" with copy/move

As already discovered in this thread, “share” might not be a fitting name for what actually happens. Simply renaming it is not a proper solution, though. I therefore propose to instead add two functions: copy and move.


  • copy simply creates a complete duplicate of the selected cipher. This can on one hand make it easier to replicate a template but it can also be used to duplicate an entry that is then moved into an organization.
  • move is basically the current “share”, but generalized. It allows a user to move the selected cipher into any collection - his/her own or an organization. It does not matter, if the cipher is currently in his/her own collection or already an organization.
    • it should be possible to move ciphers into and out of organizations
    • it should be possible to move between organizations as well
    • the rule should simply be: if a user can delete the item, the user should also be allowed to move it (since the endresult is the same - the cipher is no longer part of the organization)

Covered Usecases

  1. If you delete an organization, you might lose all ciphers. By moving them beforehand, they can be saved without having to be manually re-created (and thereby losing data like password history).
  2. If you restructure organizations, you might need to move entries around.
  3. If you want to re-claim a cipher, you no longer need to recreate it and then delete it.
  4. If you want to share a (trimmed down) cipher, you can create a copy, modify it and move that to the organization (or vice-versa).
  5. If you have a complex cipher (e.g. server data, license data, whatever) you can copy it to just modify the differing fields.