Replace Folders functionality by a Tags functionality

Feature Name: Tags

Feature Description: Replace the folders behavior by a tags behavior.

Reason: I personally don’t find the folder feature particularily handy because every item can only be put into a single specific folder (or remain in the no folder state, which is more or less also a folder). Tags basically work like folders but any item can be assigned to multiple tags instead of only one folder. I have hundreds of passwords. If I put for example paypal into the finance folder I cannot have it within the online shops folder at the same time. That’s why I basically always have to use the filter function instead.

Disadvantages: None. It is not the biggest deal but in my opinion replacing folders by tags would be helpful. If someone wants the functionality remain in a folder manner (as it is now) he can just keep assigning only one tag per item. So replacing folders by tags will not even have a negative impact for anyone. Right?

In my opinion this feature would also help for organizational items.

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