Repeated "verify browser connection" renders Windows Hello unusable

Every time I restart my browser, the BW app, or my computer (which Windows does quite often) when I try to authenticate via fingerprint the Bitwarden application (not extension) pops up and I need to click “OK” to “verify browser connection”. Then I need to go back to the browser and reauthenticate yet again. This is extremely annoying and led to me not using windows hello for Bitwarden at all. The feature is effectively broken for me.

This is very different from how it works on MacOS, which is perfect. You click the BW addon button in the browser, the app pops up, you authenticate with your fingerprint, and the BW vault immediately unlocks. Windows should work this way too.

This is so broken. Is it just my setup, does it work for everybody else? I just had to fingerprint authenticate four times in a row before it worked.

Hi @Pyran, I’m really sorry to hear you experiencing this behavior. This does seem more like a bug and I’d like to ask you to create an issue over on our clients repo.

Please provide as much detail as possible.
For example:

  • Which environment is this happening on (you mentioned Windows)
  • Which browser (inlcuding version)
  • What versions are the desktop client and the browser extension on
  • Any kind of steps so we can try and reproduce this issue

Kind regards,

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Thanks! Certainly, will do so right now.