Renaming folder should rename all subfolders too

If I have nested folders under a folder and I rename that parent folder, all things under it should move too.

Right now, it seems that each “folder” is its own entity and hierarchy is only implied by the folder name’s full path.

Seconded. I just imported a keepass database in which a folder may have dozens of subfolders in multiple levels. I would’ve wanted to reorganise the folders now in bitwarden to better match the planned collections for the organization, but renaming each subfolder separately becomes a hassle.

This also applies to folder delete. I tried to work around this by deleting the root-folder of the import (aiming to reorganize in keepass and reimport) but only ended up with a bunch of keepass/XYZ folders.

same issue as above with keepass import, renaming the top level folder didn’t rename the subfolders and just separated them and created an even bigger mess.

I understand that Creating sub-collections/folders is only for display purposes and subfolders don’t inherit anything from the top-level folder but at least for renaming it should also rename the subfolders

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5 years… 5 years passed since the original post, and this is still an issue. So sad :cry: