Remove useless blue empty banner on BT for Windows. Useless and confusing as looks like Windows top bar

Hi, there is useless banner on the whole length of Bitwarden for Windows for no reasons :

Furthermore this banner is very to confuse with the window toolbar. This is even more confusing when this window is off focus, since you could think it is still in focus due to this useless blue banner:

The solution would be to just remove completely this banner and have a solid grey background like just below.

@DoctorB please elaborate, you’re not helping the community otherwise.

FYI, I have a search box where your blue is blank.

Where do you have a search box on this login screen? and how is it possible to have a search box, you are not even logged on!

Sorry, I kinda miss understood. After you log in, there is a search bar and organization drop down on the blue bar. As a developer, I can understand why BW did this. One template for before and after login.

The login page is very simple, just 2 fields, I do not think a template is useful.