"Remove Individual Vault" Policy for Family Plan

Remove Individual Vault policy for Family Plan

Having a family organization is wonderful, along with collections. I would love to trust my kids using their own account, but they are too young but not young enough to not use this wonderful product.

Feature function

Inviting someone to an organization and giving them access to a collection, but marking them as not having access to a personal vault in their account tied to organization, I believe would be an excellent feature.

The benefits of this feature is I can lock down where passwords are stored for the user and I don’t need to request Emergency Access (wait a full day), or jump into their account with their account password and master password that I have to store in my account. Assuming they don’t update it so I can’t get in.

I can just look at what is in the collection where they have write access.

From a parental point-of-view, updating access with ‘Parental Controls’ in mind would be a wonderful edition


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Hello @panfried,

This is available currently with the Enterprise Policy option to remove individual vault though this does require an enterprise plan and not a family organization which you likely have.

Otherwise hopefully your request to bring this remove individual vault policy to the family plan will gain some traction.

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Oh this would be so wonderful to have for Families! I do not have Enterprise plan.

To make this request topic more clear, I am changing its title from Family De-vault suggestion to “Remove Individual Vault” Policy for Family Plan. If you object to this change, let me know, I can always change it back.

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I was so excited to start using this product and move on from a priorly-popular PW mgr. But then I got to this (after installing everywhere and paying for family plan) … I am in the exact same boat. I am a little miffed that such a small and “easy” thing is not available. Guess the only solution is to pay more for the Enterprise plan, right?

I agree. I suggest voting for topic, though…