Remember location/screen when unlocking

This is a user experience improvement request.

When unlocking the desktop app after the vault timeout locks it, the previously used item should be displayed and remembered. After a longer duration, the views could be reset. Maybe this should be configurable, but could even be 2x the timeout as an example.

The issue is very often I need to use the same password multiple times frequently, but not so frequently that a) it stays in the clipboard or b) the vault remains unlocked. One example is the password when doing sudo commands on a server.

As it stands, when I unlock the vault, I am presented with “All Items” rather than the last item selected. Now I have to re-find the item from scratch again. Doing this over and over adds a lot of friction to using the app.

Alternatively, Favourites could be selected. Right now, there is no point in the Favourites category as it doesn’t help you get to any items faster (The UX of Favourites is another topic though)

I think this, perhaps as an option, could greatly decrease UX friction. As a user, I want to spend as little time actually in the app as possible. I want to find the item I need, thank Bitwarden for its security, and get on with the task at hand.

Return to the same place does seem useful.

Did want to mention that sudo does have the ability to cache credentials – that is, if you run it a second time within 5 minutes it does not re-prompt you.

Yep, the timing of sudo helps, but there are times when I run a command, go do some tasks in the browser, maybe work on some code, and come back to run the next one and everything has locked/reset.