Reduce confusion around folders

folders act more like tags, and don’t stick to the item itself but rather stick to the item and member combination.

it’s really weird, and new users often delete shared items in an attempt to “remove them from the folder” when they need to edit the item to remove the folder from the item… no one thinks to click edit on the item itself to “remove it from the folder”

Very confusing UX. The whole concept needs to be revamped.

A first step, to reduce accident deletion, could be to add “remove from this folder” and “remove from this collection” aside to “delete”.

And if organization owner could configure if deletion is final or just a flag (f. e. moved to a hidden collection only visible to owner or admin).

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+1 the whole folder, collection, sharing concepts are fairly confusing for most of our users.

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Moreover : When renaming a nested folder from the web interface, the subfolders go “out” of the renamed folder.

If I have a folder Racine/Professionnel with subfolders, and I rename it to Racine/Professionnel_Test, all the sub folders keep the name Racine/Professionnel/Subfolder and go “out” of the Racine/Professionnel_Test directory.

Very confusing as we would expect a folder to work like OSes folders…

Re-pasting from


We onboarded 14+ interns in the last 10 weeks, and it made us switch to BitWarden b/c of flexible pricing model (we had people join for 10 weeks or so, and they all joined at different times)

Setting up password sharing in BitWarden as it is now is very hard, and I blame collections for this. First as an admin “adam” I need to create all the collections, because it appears like just simply sharing an item with a user isn’t possible [or at least I haven’t found a way to do this]. This is very awkward and different than any other sharing.

I ended up having a bunch of collections .e.g: adam_john , adam_mary etc. 14 of them.

For every new user, nobody knew what “collections” are. I had to explain it all to everyone. Also, my users had problems figuring out sharing. People know 1password and LastPass, and other programs like Google Drive, where you share item to the user, not via collection. It was a lot of explaining to do a simple thing.

Expected Result

It’d be awesome if you could do a usability test and see if I’m alone. My take is that collections should be hidden from the users, and I shouldn’t have to think about this.

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Sorry for the double post (I hope my Feature Requests gets closed/removed in favor of this one).

Our 2cents:

After using bitwarden with some users a little while; on teaching our users how to use bitwarden, we got aware that the concept of folders is misleading, but explaining it as tags (and nested tags) made it clear.
I further explained that folders are “personal-tags” and collections are “company-wide-tags” (if I’m not mistaken).

Feature Functions:

  • none (it’s just a more understandable naming)


  • lesser explaining how the concepts of folders and collections work as they use names of already established concepts / do no longer use names of a misleading concept