Recovering account/password not saved by Bitwarden

Last Friday, I attempted to save a login and generate a password with the Bitwarden tool. However, I neglected to save it and was logged out. I cannot for the life of me find this account nor password.

Is there any way to recover this?

Hello @fozziebear5599 - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

Sorry to hear about your issue. If you used the password generator inside Bitwarden to create the password, you can check to see if it was saved there in the password history.

If it isn’t there and you didn’t save the item, then I’m afraid you will need to go back to the website for the account and attempt a password reset - if successful, it helps to use the desktop app or the browser client in a popout window (or sidebar on Firefox or Opera) to edit the item in Bitwarden and save the password. Hope that helps!

Thanks! When I go to the password history on the generator page, it only shows from today. Is there another place to see previous passwords to go farther back?

There is also a password history for individual items in your Bitwarden vault, but if you didn’t save your password, it may not be there - worth a look, however.

Also, in the future, save the Bitwarden entry first (immediately after generating the password), then use autofill to complete in the website account creation form.

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