Recover MFA - on-prem

Hi all,

i´m running with a self-hosted version of Bitwarden. For MFA i use the Microsoft Authenticatior.
Recently i just switched phones and tought that the iCloud Backup of MFA from Microsoft is working well. Obviously i did not tested if the MFA on my new phones is runnung well …
Now i try to login to Bitwarden and my MFA does not work anymore :confused: Is there a way to recover my account (without those recovery key?!)

I can’t answer your question about if on-perm has the option. I thought I saw someone say you can change it in the database directly. But I would HIGHLY recommend that any time you use 2FA, you have more than one device or a known working backup. If you had this issue on almost any other service, you could be completely locked out without any option of account recovery.

You need the secret which was put in for each site, either a string or the image you photographed (which is the same thing in different format). If you have that then put it in and the software will generate the same sequence of numbers.

If you don’t have that secret then you will need to setup the sites again. Start at and all the information you need is available.

Sort Update; Recover Keys und such can be found in the DB, in case someone faces the same issues. It´s not completly lost in case you face the same issues.
No need to directly adjust the Database.