Re-enabling a Disabled Organization

i know there is a help site already for this but i have sent 3 support requests now over the past week and no one has got back to me is there a way to turn it on by myself or do i need to wait for the 24/7 support team to do it

Hi @MylesBolton, welcome!

Triple check the spam folder - replies do get caught there sometimes. But, just in case, can you PM me the email you used to submit a ticket and I’ll investigate.

i cant pm you it seems but my emails are public anyway so its i belive i sent these 2

[Edit - removed emails]

Thanks for the information.

I didn’t actually see any tickets associated with those emails. If you could, place another request at our contact page and I can make sure the CS team is notified immediately.

i just sent it again might try a diffrent web browser if it did not go though

looks like firefox was the problem

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Ticket received - I’ll notify the CS team. Thank you!

thanks for the help

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one question how do i get the 2FA codes back or are they gone

my bad just needed to re-sync the vault