Rate Limit Exceeded errors make this product not trustworhy

I was considering switching to Bitwarden - there are a lot of things I like about it. But I have to reconsider and select another option.

I wanted to reset my password, and I always forget to switch to EU before requesting a hint. By the time I switch back to EU and resubmit, I get the error about rate limit exceeded, and there is no going back - EVER! Hours later (about 6 hours later) still the same.

I changed laptop, same issue! I changed network, it worked once, but I forgot to switch to EU, mistake easily made by anyone, so second time same problem again, Rate Limit Exceeded, and now no going back! I have no more networks I can try :frowning:

I cannot trust my passwords and secrets to something that so easily and irreversibly fails!


I have tried again now, over 8h after the previous attempt. Same issue - Rate Limit Exceeded
Something is definitely wrong with this product :thinking:

Are you using a VPN?
If so then try switching to a different connection.

I’m getting this same error while trying to create an account for the very first time. I’m not on a VPN.

same for me 3 emails on three different connections gives me a stupid shark captia and fails first and every time with the same error rate limit exceeded so the rate limit is 0 apparently.