Randomly capitalized and mixed with symbols Passphrase

It’ll be great if the password generator can generate passphrases that have randomly capitalized characters for each word and added possibility to contain symbols.

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Can I ask why you would like such a feature? The whole purpose of using passphrases is that they should be easy to remember and easy to type. Adding randomized capitalization and random symbols will completely defeat that purpose.

Please describe your use-case.

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If its needed to remember it, then what is the reason to use Bitwarden?
I think complex passphrase is a really good way to be secure but still a little more easy to remember than passwords.

Your response is a little bit self-contradictory. If you are generating passwords that you don’t need to remember or manually type (because they are stored in Bitwarden and will be autofilled or pasted into the login form), then you should not use a passphrase at all — just generate a random character string containing letters, numbers, and special characters.

If you do need to memorize the login credential, then you should use a passphrase without embellishments such as the ones that you have requested. If the passphrase needs to be more secure, just add one more word.

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