Random password generator for sends


I got Bitwarden now for myself and I love it. Just one thing about “Sends”:

If you would be able to generate a random password here, it would be amazing. It is just a bit annoying typing in a new random password every time.

Is this possible to implement? Probably stupid question, but I would love it :smiley:


Help the Sends Workflow. It is half-baked seems developers don’t use it.

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Hey @AnonYmouse, I answered your comment in the other thread, but sharing here for visibility:

I can definitely understand how having access to the generator could be useful when creating a send. I’ll bring it up with the team.

You’ll also be happy to know that item sharing is on the 2022 roadmap, allowing users to share vault credentials with other Bitwarden users, rather than using a separate send.

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So, I am open to suggestions. The use case is needing to securely share the same banking information securely and temporarily. But I need to do this repeatedly as new clients are onboarded.

So, I’d like to be able to reuse the same (or cloned) Send to different individuals throughout the year. And I’d like to be able to manage the passwords for each Send. The Mission Impossible passwords aren’t ideal for this. I want the option to save the password in the Send in BW client, justice any other password. If the Send itself, self-destructs after 31 days, so does the PW.

Summing up - need to repeatedly, but securely use Sends with the same information.

The current process is extremely manual and requires the user to save the CONTENTS (file or text) outside of the Send, since the Send self-destructs.

Thinking it through, I’d want an EXPIRING but not self-destructive Send, that can be saved, cloned, reactivated (or used as a template).

Thanks for providing additional context, that is helpful!