Random digits from security/PIN number

Hi, I have some logins which have a security/PIN number. The login page will ask for 3 digits at random positions in the number. How can I handle that? At the moment it is filling some values in the boxes but I can’t tell what they are. Thanks for any advice.

If you look at the source code and see what those boxes are called, e.g. “firstDigit”, “secondDigit”, etc., you can set up additional text fields with those names and the appropriate digits as values.


Thanks. I’ll have a look at that.

Dan, that was just the solution that I needed. Got it working now. Many thanks.

Great, I’m glad it worked for you :+1:t2: I set up a similar login a few days ago for my online payslip.

That is :sunglasses:

Whether or not it is advisable, given that sites mainly using this type of login are banks or sites where you would not want the password hacked, is another matter! I am NOT suggesting Bitwarden is insecure; it is my own preference/paranoia.

The answer surely is to put in dummy values ie 0’s for the extra fields and then amend them as required before submitting the page. If you don’t set the extra fields up then BW seems to fill them anyway with 3 characters each, I suppose from Username or Password (there is no telling). It’s then more of a nuisance to delete the pre-filled boxes before inserting the correct values. At least that’s my experience.