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Hello hope that someone can explain this to me. We want to use the Business edition for our employees that are in the field. They gone use bitwarden ont there smartphones and laptoptops. But these are the things I run into:

  1. I created a new organization. In that organization i created new collections like “customers” “employees” etc.Is it possible that the employees only see these collections and not first there private vault? The danger is that if several employees will create new cards that they accidentally end up in the private vault instead of the collections vault.

  2. Second thing is … i want the employees to only see the collections. But they cannot delete items in here but only can add new items to a collections folder.

  3. In IOS iPhone app our employee cannot add a new folder into a collections folder? Why is this not possible? they can only add a new item. But when they come at a new customer, they must be able to create a new folder within the collection. This is not possible right now?

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Welcome to the community,

  1. The Personal Ownership Policy prevents members of an organization from saving items to their personal vault.

Selecting Read Only prevents users from adding, editing, or removing items within the Collection. Users with Read Only active may still see and use all passwords, TOTP seeds, and Hidden custom fields.

For more information User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help & Support

  1. In the web vault also, seems like there is no way to add a folder to a collection. You could just create another collection. For more information about collections, click here
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As usual, @vachan to the rescue!


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