Question regard enteprise implementation

Hello everyone,

At my company we are currently using Bitwarden with Enterprise License, but only limited number of employees. We are looking into implementing it for the rest of employees, and I see in documentation that there is option to configure directory syncs with AD/LDAP.

My question is, if we configure to sync with AD, will it sync automatically only accounts and their details, or will also include account’s passwords too? We wouldn’t won’t for users to use the same LDAP password for corp access and for Bitwarden.

Second thing is that we would like to avoid people create by themselves account, so only people who are invited can do that. After searching through the forum, I found that it can be done by setting globalSettings__disableUserRegistration value totrue, but the create account button will still be shown in web UI (although if some one tries to create an account, he/she will prompt with an error).

If you have any tips or advice for enterprise implementation, please do tell me.


Ping…anyone knows the answer?

AFAIK, the sync only syncs the user and email, not the passwords.