Question: Does Changing Match Detection Affect Shared Users

I have passwords in my vault that I keep track of for family. I just minutes ago realized I can change the Match Detection for these passwords so they don’t show up in my Autofill tab (ie. I can change it to “None”). Does changing my Match Detection affect passwords I share with others?

Say, for example, that my wife has a Google account. I want to have it in my vault, but I don’t want it to appear in autofill because I personally very infrequently use it. But I do want it to show up in her autofill. Does my match detection for a shared entry affect her entry’s match detection?

If the answer is no, then I should submit a feature request to make that a per-user setting.

It affects the shared item, so in effect yes, it changes the behavior for all who access the item.

Okay, so I can use Match Detection to keep my mother-in-law’s and my grandmother’s passwords (which I keep track of for them) from showing in my auto-fill. But I can’t use it to hide my wife’s logins as my wife has a Bitwarden account they’re shared between, since it would stop them from showing up in her auto-fill.