Question about Self-Hosting and Pro features

I try to convince my colleagues to switch to Bitwarden.
One of them is highly interested in the self-hosting version.
At lunch he asked me if TOTP and attachments are also possible in self hosted servers.
I tried to explain.

If you have your data stored at the Bitwarden servers then @kspearrin has to pay money for the servers.
And this is the reason why the 1 GB web space you get as a Pro user costs money.
Absolutely OK.

But I was not able to explain why the TOTP is a Pro feature.
Does this also require some extra web space?

And the most important question:
Is TOTP and attachments available for free if you host yourself?
Or does this cost money?

Bitwarden is a business. A business needs to make money. To make money we must create features that add value and people are willing to pay for. These features also cost the business time and money to develop and maintain.

Just because a feature cost the business server resources doesn’t necessarily classify it as something we charge for. Self hosting is also a feature that we charge for if you want to use use certain other features. Attachments and TOTP are some of these paid features and require a paid license, even if you are self hosting.


Thank you @kspearrin for your answer, now it is more clear!

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