Question about 2FA

A couple of questions about 2FA.
What is the difference between Bitwarden Authenticator and Authy for instance? And where can I download the Bitwarden auth anyway?
I setup 2FA on the Bitwarden Mac app (Google) but in the mobile app there is no 2FA prompt. Do I need to setup 2FA in the mobile app as well? Sounds odd .

They both do exactly the same thing, the same as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FAS, etc.

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Functionally, the only difference is that Bitwarden allows you to have the authenticator part stored in the same place as the password for convenience, whereas other apps like Authy are standalone apps that only generate authcodes. Also, Bitwarden allows you to see or edit the secret TOTP key that generates the codes, while most other apps hide it and only allow you to delete it after it’s stored.