Put bitwarden window back on sidebar of browser

When I initially “installed” Bitwarden as an extension, It opened in a sidebar on my browser.

Somewhere along the line, I moved it from the sidebar. It now appears as a floating window.

I would like it back on the sidebar, but haven’t found a way to do that.


do you mean Firefox Shift+Alt+Y ?
Shift+Option+Y on Mac

Shift+Alt+Y didn’t do anything for me.

Thanks for your response, DoctorB

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But which browser & OS are you using?

Sorry, I should have mentioned that. My OS is linus (Garuda KDE). I tested Shift-Alt-Y against Firefox and the Garuda FireDragon which is a fork of firefox

OK try Shift+Alt+U (Linux Mint)

Keys are configurable

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Thanks, DoctorB

That worked in both Firefox and FireDragon!