Push notifications don't work

I am running Bitwarden on-premise. Everything is working so far. But after creating or editing an item changes aren’t synced automatically. I have to update my vault manually.
It seems to me that push notifications don’t work on my installation.

How can I check my configuration if push is activated? I’m not absolutely sure about turning this feature on during setup.


Just check if the push relay endpoint is configured in ./bwdata/docker/global.env


Thank you for your help.

My global.env file contains that entry for the push server. But it doesn’t work.
Is there anything else to configure?

Does your server allow output requests to https://push.bitwarden.com? Is your installation id valid?

Yes, it does. Also to api.bitwarden.com. Nothing is blocked.

I think so. I have upgraded to an premium account and to an organization account. My installation id was accepted when I created the on-premise licenses.
Is there another way to check if it is valid?

The items I am creating or changing are in my personal vault. I see no traffic going through my firewall for push.bitwarden.com when I debug packets.

What client application are you using that you expect to work with these push notifications? Push notifications only work with the mobile apps.

I’m trying to get push to work on my Synology NAS. How do I see it works? Does it result in a notification on my Android phone or simply updated content as soon as I open the bitwarden app?

How do I do the following on a Synology NAS

Does your server allow output requests to https://push.bitwarden.com? Is your installation id valid?

Hi seren,

I didn’t manage to get it work. But - in my opinion - entries should be updated on all devices immediately if push is activated and whenever there is a change. So there should be no need to reopen the app.
But as I said it doesn’t work in my case. So I have to sync my vault manually by reopening the app or using the menu command.

Hope it helps.


I get the impression that since the latest update this might be working now… Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

And it broke again :frowning:

It would be great if there was some way to debug this…

Any options for self-hosting the Push Relay?

Even self-hosted installations seem to be using push.bitwarden.com

You can’t, as the requests to the Google cloud messaging server (or the Apple one) must be signed with the bitwarden key

The only way is if you configure another gcm instance and recompile the app by yourself for each single update - that’s extremely difficult, especially in long term

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