Push and notifications

I have a subscription but this isn’t urgent so I’m asking here.

When making changes (adding or editing credentials) through the Chrome extension or Mac application, they’re not visible on my iPhone or iPad and have to do a manual refresh and vice versa.

The clients have all the permissions they’ve requested. For example, on iPhone, it has camera, face ID, notifications, background app refresh and mobile data enabled.

In Hosting FAQs | Bitwarden Help & Support it says:

In order to allow the server to push notifications to Bitwarden clients, you’ll need to allow the following URLs through your firewall:

  • api.bitwarden.com
  • push.bitwarden.com

As far as curl requests show, there aren’t any issues connecting with the above URL’s.

config.yml has always contained push_notifications: true however in global.override.env the parameter globalSettings__pushRelayBaseUri has never been defined. The documentation implies it doesn’t need to be so I’m assuming it can’t be that but please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Is there another means of testing ‘push’ functionality other than saving?
  2. Throughout the years of self-hosting I’ve never received an actual notification. Are notifications actually sent?

The team is working on a few fixes in this area, stay tuned! :+1: