Purge vault not working

I have been planning to migrate from LP to BW for some months now. I imported some LP data to run some tests. Today I am trying to completely purge the Bitwarden vault so I can start from scratch, but the option is not working for me.

Web client > Account settings > Danger zone > Purge vault is doing nothing. All the entries are still present inside the vault on the web, browser extensions and apps. I have tried the process already 3 times and the result is the same. I am getting the message “the vault has been purged” in green on the upper right corner of the webpage but all the old entries are still there.

What could be going wrong and how can this be fixed?

Thank you.

Hello, @Thorz

Are you remaining logged in to the web-vault after purging?
If it shows successful then I would typically assume this is the cases though to be fair I have not personally tested this with my account (for obvious reasons).

That being said I would try to perhaps log out of the web vault, either clear your browser cache or possibly try to login with another browser to your web-vault and see if the items have been purged.

Thank you.

It’s strange but after waiting some minutes and refreshing the webpage the process finally worked. I logged out from the apps and logged back in and now I can see that the vault has indeed been purged.