PSA: Bitwarden F-Droid Repo is not really F-Droid

This is kind of a rogue post and I’ll propably banned for it.

Bitwarden uses misleading language about F-Droid.

The F-Droid Repo that Bitwarden points you to is a repository that is maintained by Bitwarden alone. It does not involve F-Droid - the group which you trust for their repo at all.
It is not official F-Droid. It is the same as loading apks from Github but with updates via the F-Droid App.

Official F-Droid builds apps from source, to guarantee that a functional app can be built from published sources.

Bitwarden for Android is not in official F-Droid because the process of building Bitwarden requires Development Tools that are not open source.
The official build documentation even requires using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 the proprietary one. Not VSCode which can be built from source.

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More context and current state of packaging Bitwarden Password Manager for the f-droid repo: Bitwarden Password Manager (#114) · Issues · F-Droid / Requests For Packaging · GitLab