Provider Portal on Self Hosted


We self-host Bitwarden and now want to take advantage of the Provider Portal listed in the release notes for v1.42. I contacted support as the link says to do except the support person says that it’s only available for cloud hosted clients.

Why is it listed in the notes for the server release if it’s only available for cloud hosted clients?

The server notes cover our SaaS items, too for full transparency. I’ll see if we can update the notes to reflect this.

So what is the timeline for releasing the provider portal to the self-hosted version?

We’re still working on that model, but the SaaS tool is still helpful for self-hosted, as you can manage your customers billing and licenses in a nice organized fashion now :slight_smile:

Any update as to when the provider portal will be available for enterprise self-hosted users of Bitwarden?

No ETA at the moment @notScottSmith, however, @Jon_Maurer would be good to chat with about the types of solutions you are interested in.

I’ve tried but no reply from him.