Provide email in login URL query string

Feature name

Simple enough, it’d be useful if we could pass the email to log in with into the login URL (Bitwarden Web Vault) and have the email parameter pre-filled, similar to how it’s pre-filled if you’ve logged into bitwarden on that browser before.

Feature function

The feature could work like this:[email protected] where a query string could be provided to the login page to prefill the email parameter.

This would be useful for those who need to login into different machines often and who have access to a URL shortener, making it much easier and quicker to login. It should be pretty obvious why I’m only requesting this feature for the email parameter and not the master password, as this would then become a very large security issue. Having just the email in the query string and still having to manually type out the password isn’t an issue however as emails aren’t as private