Prompt to save credentials does not appear after insert credentials

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I just installed BitWarden on Windows, MacOS (I have a Hackintosh dual boot) and on my iPhone 11. Tired of having problems with the KPM extension (which gave problem in Brave Browser on Windows and Mac) I migrated all the credentials to pro BitWarden, and in all three operating systems the auto-fill is working perfectly, the only drawback is that it doesn’t show the prompt when I insert a credential that it doesn’t have in its database. I did a test by deleting the Twitter credential and permanently erasing it from the recycle bin, then I manually synced it on all three operating systems (Win, Mac and iOS) and when I went to enter my login and password, it doesn’t ask to save the Twitter credential and this happened on all three operating systems. I’ve already tried to enable/disable the notification of saving credentials and restarting the app but nothing works. So far the software is perfect but the only point that is bothering me a lot is this. Does anybody know how to solve this?

Hello @deilsoncso - welcome to the community forums.

If you are not being prompted to save new login credentials, the first thing I would check is that this feature is not disabled in your browser extension options (and note, this option is independent for every Bitwarden installation, so you will have to check it on all your devices/clients). Just go to Settings → Options to find it:

Note that I actually disable this feature because it doesn’t seem to be 100% reliable (the BW dev team is pursuing this). I actually prefer to enter my new logins manually in BW and then used the stored credentials to autofill the “new login” form on whatever website I want to create a new account. This takes no more time than doing it the other way, so it is just as efficient, but it is less intuitive so it takes some time to get used to it. However, it is generally foolproof.

There is a demo of the technique in this BW video starting at 1:33:

Another tip - if you are using a browser that supports a sidebar, such as Firefox or Opera, you can load the Bitwarden extension beside the webpage, which is a really great way to enter new credentials.

I hope that helps! Cheers.