Problem with using biometrics with Bitwarden extension on Macos

im sorry if im not posting this in the right place

I have MacOS and Safari
I have installed the bitwarden extension on Safari
when I try to enable “use biometrics”, I get a pop up window that says "Bitwarden wants to user your confidential information … in your keychain.

I do not want to use safari keychain and am reluctant to enter a password inot this pop up. how can I avoid having to deal with keychain?

also - somewhere along the way, i think i was in macos settings giving permission to bitwarden to modify any website i visit, but i cant find that now. any idea where I did that and if is required ?

@grb hi , you helped me on a prior issue, can you help me with this maos/safari biometric issue? thx!

@CallMeX Unfortunately, i don’t have experience with macOS or biometrics when it comes to Bitwarden, so I’m not the right person to ask.

My guess would be that the macOS stores your biometric data in the Apple keychain, so that is why you have to give Bitwarden permission to access the keychain if you want to use biometrics to unlock Bitwarden.

The thing about modifying websites that you visit sounds like a permission that you’d have to give when setting up the browser extension. On the Chrome browser extension settings, for example, one of the permissions granted is “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit”. This is required for the browser extension to auto-fill login credentials, and to handle passkeys.