Problem with the "eye" icon that shows the password on websites

I’m trying bitwarden for the company I work for.
I don’t know if someone else have the same problem, but when bitwarden autocomplete username and password on the websites, if the user clicks on the eye icon at the password field (on the website, not on bitwarden vault), the password is reveald (of course).
I want to know if there’s a way to hide the eye icon on the websites, or a way to auto login when user name and password are autocompleted by bitwarden on these websites.


Hello @raphaeladosanjos and welcome to the community,

You can see my answer to a similar question here

But you are correct once the password is auto-filled into the website it is essentially out of Bitwarden’s ecosystem and control at that point.
Shared credentials really should only be provided to those to whom you have some level of trust already, though what you are looking to accomplish may be capable with the use of different managed browser policies.

It also appears you may be able to perform a registry change to also make this work.

Hello, thanks for sharing your insights! It’s important to keep in mind that once a password is auto-filled into a website, it’s no longer within Bitwarden’s control. This is a common challenge with password managers. Users should exercise caution and only share credentials with trusted individuals. Additionally, exploring managed browser policies or potential registry changes could be a way to address this issue effectively