Problem with 2FA Yubikey on self-hosted bitwarden


I’ve a problem with my Yubikey 5 NFC on my self-hosted bitwarden. When I login to my account it’s asking for pressing the Yubikey and it’s working fine. I can enter it. So far so good, but when I enter my account the vault is empty and going to account settings/security/2FA it’s endlessly spinning. Also when I go to account settings/abo and other sites. It’s like the content is not loading anymore. I can’t even change the 2FA anymore or disable it. I followed the instructions on Two-step Login via YubiKey | Bitwarden Help Center and edited the two variables. At first everything was showing normally. The problem occured when I logged in the next time and after that. I also tried to reboot the container. It didn’t help.

However, when I login to bitwarden browser extension for Chrome it’s not even asking for my Yubikey. Same on my smartphone. On my browser extension and smartphone app the vault it still there. Everything is how it should be. I am running bitwarden on Docker and Portainer.

Can anyone help?