Problem exporting vault with browser extension

Has anyone tried exporting the vault to JSON using the browser extension?
If I attempt this, I’ll be asked for the master password, then which file format I want and then if I click on Export, nothing happens, no file dialog, nothing.

Exporting in the desktop app works though.

Is this file automatically stored somewhere? If so, where? This is an unencrypted vault file I would rather not have laying around somewhere.

Hi @Breit - Your browser may be set to automatically download saved files into your user’s Downloads folder - I would check there. And if you aren’t sure what folder your browser uses for downloads, it should be selectable within the browser settings.

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Same problem here. My Vivaldi browser doesn’t prompt me to save any file and there is no .json file in my desktop , which is my downloads folder.
I searched all my system , for a bitwarden export file , there is nowhere.
It’s an extension bug I think…

Very interesting. @AlexLouk Would you mind creating an issue at Issues · bitwarden/browser · GitHub with the details for this? (browser version, os, etc - there is a template that is super helpful for us when trying to reproduce issues)

Exactly it too doesn’t work on my Vivaldi Browser Too.
Don’t Know about other browsers.
I request you to resolve this, otherwise I am not able to access the password.

Hi @Karun_Sharma, this appears to be a bug in the Vivaldi browser itself.