Private and business account

Feature name

Dual login / separate business / any way of separating a private account and a business account.

Feature function

  • Currently, Bitwarden does a good job of allowing users to have multiple accounts (tied to separate user names and mail addresses) in the browser extension (for example using Brave / Chrome profiles), and in the browser (separate sessions). However, in the installed app on mobile, there is no feature to access multiple accounts, switch between them, or in some other way manage two accounts.

  • The benefit of being able to manage two accounts is that we can ask users to set up a business account and have them yield control of it if they ever leave the business. Also, it means that they can provide access to the account to an IT admin without having to expose personal passwords, credit card details, etc.

My company is considering recommending BitWarden to all its employees, or even requiring its use (probably with an enterprise subscription), but currently that would mean asking some users that use it privately to replace their private vaults with business accounts - which they (understandably) object to.

Having the mobile app available for business passwords is essential, due to the nature of the work our staff do, which means they often operate in the field, without access to an online PC but with the need to access secured equipment.

Related topics + references

Any of these solutions would work:

  • The ability to manage multiple logged in accounts in the mobile app (the ideal solution)
  • The ability to install the app twice (i.e. have a ‘Business’ variant in the app store that’s essentially identical to the regular one - not bad, but I can imagine other use cases where users might want more than two accounts accessible to them)
  • The ability to link two accounts, making the contents of one vault automatically show up as a subset of another (private could contain business, so users can continue using private, while still getting locked out of it once they leave the business).

I’ve see several posts in forums and boards that seem to cause confusion about why this would even be a useful feature - if there is some other way for a user to manage both their personal vault and a separate business vault, I’d very much like to hear about it. It’s currently the only reason why we’re considering the (expensive) LastPass instead…

A search for “Client profiles” will already find multiple similar feature requests:

Besides, if you take a look at the roadmap you will see that this is already planned for late summer.

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I do apologise - thanks for pointing me in the right direction and very happy to hear it.

I’m out of votes but I’d find this extremely useful. I’m in this exact position!