Price increase in Personal Family Plan

I just noticed this morning that the price for the Personal Family plane went from $20.00 to $40.00 per year.

This seems to be a huge increase for someone who was considering a shift from LastPass to Bitwarden. One of the reasons I was considering the change was the lower cost of the Family plan of Bitwarden…

To understand the raise and the benefit(s) you get by buying the new plan you should compare both family plans with each other:

In other words:
The “old” one did not have the premium features and was for up to 5 people only. If you wanted to add the premium features you would have had to pay 52 USD. The “new” plan includes the premium features and is for up to 6 people. So in all you only pay 6.67 USD per person instead of the 10 USD for a single user and still you have the premium features for everyone.