Prevent Chrome "save password" prompts when using Bitwarden

We have a Bitwarden Enterprise plan, but have a security concern regarding Chrome and other password managers. When our employees and contractors use the Bitwarden browser extension, Bitwarden will correctly fill / autofill login details correctly. The problem is once our employee / contractor logs in their browser (e.g. Chrome, etc) will prompt them to save the password to their browser. If a contractor decides to save each of our client’s passwords from Bitwarden to their personal browser, they still have that login access on their personal browser even if we kick them out of Bitwarden / fire them.

I know LastPass automatically disables browser password manager prompts, but it goes to far - LastPass takes over the entire browser and doesn’t let you use your Chrome password manager even if you turn LastPass off.

Does anyone know if Bitwarden has an admin feature for their Enterprise plan that let’s us disable an employee / contractor’s browser password manager (similar to LastPass) when the Bitwarden browser extension is turned on? And then when the Bitwarden browser extension is turned off, it let’s users resume use of their personal browser password manager?

For example… the idea is when it’s time to work, our employees / contractors would toggle the Bitwarden browser extension on and have access to all our clients’ login details. And because the Bitwarden extension is toggled on, it disables their browser’s password manager so they can’t save Bitwarden passwords to their personal browsers. Then when the day is done and our employees / contractors clock out, they toggle the Bitwarden browser extension off and they’re able to use their regular browser password manager for personal activities again.

Does anyone know if this is possible? And if it’s not already a feature, could such a feature be implemented with custom coding given that Bitwarden is open source?

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Would love to proceed with Bitwarden if we can make this happen but may have to use LastPass if it’s not possible.