Pressing "enter" when editing items should not save and close the edit panel of the app

Feature name

Pressing “enter” in the password field should not close the edit panel of the app

Feature function

Probably like many user I use a clipboard app : to past (old) stuff copied, I need to select the entry and the press Enter.

The problem is that Enter close the edit panel when we are editing the password field. It’s not intuitive at all: usually Enter simply goes out of the field or goes to next one (and it does only that fr the password field). So I need often to reopen and start again editing from the begining.

Pressing Enter should either do nothing, or move the cursor to the next field (like tab does)

I don’t use a clipboard app, so I apologize for not understanding how yours works. Can you not use the standard CONTROL-V (or COMMAND-V on a Mac) to paste your entry? That would solve your problem. Otherwise, I can empathize with your frustration!

I can see your issue - pressing ENTER on the keyboard saves the item are editing in Bitwarden and closes the edit window (note: pressing ENTER on any field will activate Save - not just the password field). I hope you don’t mind, but I have updated your topic title to reflect this.

Thanks for correcting me David.

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