Premium restore

after deleting the account because of losing the 2fa , you lose your premium.
It would be good if you can restore the premium after creating the account with the same email

Same problem.
I have bought a premium account, but after I forgot the master password I have recreated the account with the same email. Wrote to support twice no answers from them.
I understand that it’s the cheapest product but I think it’s unappropriated to ignore the support requests.

I am certain they will get back to you and transfer your subscription to the second account you created. From what I have seen on the forums, most requests are processed within a day or so.

How long since you sent your first email?

@oleh I checked in the helpdesk and I didn’t see any tickets related to your email (at least the one registered to the forums) - feel free to PM me with the email you used if it is different.

Note: when sending in a support ticket, using the email attached to your Bitwarden account is important, as it allows our systems to identify you as a premium user and provide priority support.