Premium membership not recognised by Mac App

Hi there, I recently bought a premium membership, and it is working fine on extensions since extensions are able to recognize that I am a premium member. However, I am using Mac (M1 chip) and it is not recognizing that I am a premium member of Bitwarden.

I even tried refresh button several times, as well as re-login but no luck :frowning:


I can see some other members also raised this problem, but I really canโ€™t see the solution in any of the previous posts.

Hello @gsin11 - welcome to the community forums!

It sounds like something has glitched with your setup. Have you tried restarting your Mac or reinstalling the app?

If neither of those work, I suggest you contact the Bitwarden CS team to help you troubleshoot the issue:

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Thanks for the quick reply, I can confirm the problem has been resolved by re-installing the application.