Predefine hosting-url in Client (manging the client application's environment)

It should be possible to predefine the URL that a Bitwarden client connects to, so that self-hosted installations can be accessed easier.
At the moment it is annoying that one has to tap the settings icon after installing a client and enter the url although the client already asks for username/password (which would link to
This could be achieved by several ways, e.g.

  1. encode the vault url in a link that is clickable on a webpage
  2. encode the vault url in the link that is being sent with an invitation
  3. group policy support for windows based installations

I believe 2 and 3 would be easy to implement.

Hi, new user here of bitwarden
My intention is that I’m going to tryout bitwarden as a replacement for dashlane. I was wondering if there were policies for bitwarden when i saw this message.

The URL to which enviroment bitwarden looks is stored (Windows) in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden\data.json . What you could do through a policy is copy a preconfigured file (once) to that location.
If you dont know how to do this (would suggest the copy file through gpo route instead of a login/copy script) : is a helpfull guide

That’s a good start, but one doesn’t know what else is being stored in the data.json.
Real policy support or an option that you provide to the installer or even better a link that you click on the webpage of your hosted bitwarden installation that automatically configures the client, would be far better.
Please vote for this request.

I agree, GPO’s or a preconfigured download would be a preferred option.
The Preconfigured one might indeed even be the best option since that could be deployed on more than just windows.

Something like run the .exe-installer with /url= would be sufficient…
Let’s hope for votes.

So obviously there isn’t demand for this as the votes are pretty low, but has anyone figured out if it can be done somehow? I have seen the article on how to deploy the addon via group policy, but there is no way to preconfigure the URL for the users.

@Bitwarden staff, would you care to help us out here?

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@justarandomsysadmin Thanks for checking in! The team is looking into this one, but no specific ETA’s at this time.