Predefine hosting-url in Client (manging the client application's environment)

It should be possible to predefine the URL that a Bitwarden client connects to, so that self-hosted installations can be accessed easier.
At the moment it is annoying that one has to tap the settings icon after installing a client and enter the url although the client already asks for username/password (which would link to
This could be achieved by several ways, e.g.

  1. encode the vault url in a link that is clickable on a webpage
  2. encode the vault url in the link that is being sent with an invitation
  3. group policy support for windows based installations

I believe 2 and 3 would be easy to implement.

Hi, new user here of bitwarden
My intention is that I’m going to tryout bitwarden as a replacement for dashlane. I was wondering if there were policies for bitwarden when i saw this message.

The URL to which enviroment bitwarden looks is stored (Windows) in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden\data.json . What you could do through a policy is copy a preconfigured file (once) to that location.
If you dont know how to do this (would suggest the copy file through gpo route instead of a login/copy script) : is a helpfull guide

That’s a good start, but one doesn’t know what else is being stored in the data.json.
Real policy support or an option that you provide to the installer or even better a link that you click on the webpage of your hosted bitwarden installation that automatically configures the client, would be far better.
Please vote for this request.

I agree, GPO’s or a preconfigured download would be a preferred option.
The Preconfigured one might indeed even be the best option since that could be deployed on more than just windows.

Something like run the .exe-installer with /url= would be sufficient…
Let’s hope for votes.