Pre-configure extension after the update that added the region setting

Hi there, we had a working configuration for deploying the chrome extension, but today I realized that new clients defaulted to the US region, the new settings under where you have to type your email address the first time you configure the extension.

I’ve also tried the desktop app, and even following the guide on the bitwarden website, the issue is the same. I’ve found in the data.json that there is a “region” settings and changing that value to “selfhosted” at least the app started working correctly. I’ve tried adding a new value in the registry similar to the one in the data.json in the same place we push the base url configuration, but it just doesn’t work.
As anyone found a solution?

Maybe with that setting we’ll finally be able to solve our only issue left (my issue is the last post): Pre-configure environment URLs for Windows / Firefox

Thanks, the team is working on this one!

Hi there, are there any news? Or maybe a page where I can check the status of the issue?
I’ve tried today with the 2023.7.0 version of the extension (that added the EU location), but I’m still not able to force a selfhosted setting

Hey all
We’re also looking for a solution with 2023.9.1. Is there a way to pre-populate the Self-hosted parameter?
BR Mamu

I’ve tried again with version 2023.9.1 of the extension but it still doesn’t work. I’ve added a region setting in the registry (both in the enviroment level and the one before it), but it has no effect.

Still that setting works in the desktop app. If anyone need it, you can pre-populate the desktop app creating a base data.json in %appdata%\Roaming\Bitwarden with this inside. Once the app is opened it will fill the json file with other fields.

	"global": {
		"theme": "system",
		"environmentUrls": {
			"base": "",
			"api": null,
			"identity": null,
			"icons": null,
			"notifications": null,
			"events": null,
			"webVault": null,
			"keyConnector": null
		"region": "Self-hosted"