Possible to merge 2 accounts?

Hi all,

maybe I haven’t found the correct search terms (as I am no native speaker) or that is no topic for most of the users :slight_smile:

Me and my wife currently have two accounts and share family related passwords. What we actually want is to merge our two accounts into a single (as we have no secrets from each other) which both of us can use.

Is there any best practice to merge accounts (with attachments) into a new account or maybe merge 1 account into antoher one?

Thanks for any help!

Dear Marcus,

The direct answer to your question is, suppose you have the accounts a1 and a2. You are merging the items from a2 into a1. So, you export the entries from a2, using unencrypted .json (for simplicity), and then import the items into a1. If a1 and a2 previously had identical items, they will be duplicated in a1. The attachments have to be done manually for each attachment in a2. After you import into a1, you attach each file from a2 to an item in a1 individually, manually. You might want to back up the a1 vault first, before you do any of these.

If you were my friend or family, I would suggest you try the organization feature for BW first, because it will give you more flexibility in the long run. An organization can be thought of being a container of collections of entries to be shared between accounts. If you don’t need to share attachments between you two, you can start with a free organization. See how you do it here: Organizations Quick Start | Bitwarden Help Center

If you really need to share attachments through BW, then you can later upgrade the org to a family plan. Again a family is an organization that have benefits that a free organization doesn’t have, but the concept is the same.

Choose using organization because it will give you more flexibility in the long run. It also leaves each of you able to organize and manage their own vault without any friction. If managed properly, it will also give you a better overall security too.

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oh wow - thanks for that detailed answer, really appreciate! Will give that a try :pray:

We currently use the orga feature for our family - but sometimes we forgot to share a password and that’s kind of hectic then… not the best woman acceptance factor you can get :wink:

Thanks again.

Dear Neuron5569
I created an organization and moved some of my passwords to the organization. Now I want to move the passwords from the organization to my personal password vault. Is it possible? If so, what should I do?

Thanks for Neuron5569 help

Dear AdoShan,

See dh024’s answer at at How to move vault items from organization vault to personal vault? - #2 by dh024 . You pretty much clone the item into the personal vault, and then delete the organization’s item. You also can export wholesale from the Org’s vault, and import into the personal vault.

Thanks for your answer. But if you delete it, it really goes to the recycle bin. That is, if the decision is made to move to the organization, then the project no longer belongs to the individual. Would it be better to just add a record link to the org. The individual is also the owner of the record. But it seems that there is a problem of duplicate records.
Thanks again.

How would you link an individual vault’s item to an org’s vault item? BW’s setup is, the org’s items belong to the org, with the individuals/groups granted specific permission to the collection. The individual granted the permission would have access to the items in that collection. Why do you need separate links?

If you use a link, it is similar to a soft link, which is exactly similar to creating a record in KeePass( referencing the username and password of the original record). The advantage of this is that this record still belongs to the user, not only members of the organization can still use it, but also when I modify the username and password of the original record, the account in the organization can also match the correct account password. When I no longer want to share with organization members, I can directly delete the records in the organization without affecting the original records among users. Currently in BW’s, if you delete a record in the organization, you must go to the recycle bin to find it.