Possibility to use existing docker bridges

Hi there,

I’m hosting Bitwarden on my server and hence using Docker. The only issue, is that the docker-compose behaviour, is to create a new bridge each time one installs it. The workaround would be to use the network_mode: bridge statement in the docker-compose.yml file for each service.
It would ease the firewall rules management.

You could create a docker-compose.override.yml file in the same directory and adjust these settings. It will merge with the regular docker-compose.yml already there

Hi kspearrin,

Many thanks for your answer ! It seems indeed the right thing to do.
I’m wondering about something though, since the docker-compose file is pulled from the repos during the setup, how could I create an override file to be taken into account during this stage ?

You would have to do it after the install step.

Thank you. Indeed it seemed pretty obvious :wink:
Just tested and works perfectly. Thanks again.