POP!_OS - Can't use my Yubikey with the Desktop app

I am trying to log into the desktop application but after entering my email address and password it fails at the part when it should be asking me to plug in my Yubikey. The error says.

This account has two-step login set up, however, none of the configured two-step providers are supported by this device.

Please add additional providers that are better supported across devices (such as an authenticator app).

Initially, I was also having issues with the Yubico Authenticator app also not seeing my security key, however installing pcscd and rebooting has fixed that issue.

Any ideas?

FIDO2/Webauthn for the Bitwarden Desktop app is currently only supported for Windows (Windows 10 and above).

If you want another workaround be aware that Bitwarden extension on a browser works fine on a Desktop. I prefer to use BW as an extension on FF using my Linux machines. Works perfectly and I only log in here using YubiKeys. FYI only — > not a know it all here!

This happened to me today. I thought I’d used the Bitwarden app after setting up security keys as the only 2fa, but perhaps I’m mistaken. I can get in fine with via the web site or the extension. I also have my recovery keys, if necessary.

  1. I’m using FIDO2 Webauthn. If I switch to YUBIKEY OTP security key, will that work (I have a paid account).

  2. Perhaps I should simply not use the Bitwarden app (web and extension access only). Any problems with that?


My PR for Linux (and Mac) support for Fido2 login on desktop apps is here:

If you feel comfortable with building the app yourself, you can build the PR branch, otherwise you’ll have to wait for Bitwarden to merge the PR (or otherwise implement support).